University Ottawa Heart Institute – CASE STUDY

Organisation: University Ottawa Heart Institute
Status: Ebase Customer

The University of Ottawa Heart Institute is Canada’s largest cardiovascular health centre, caring for more than 80,000 patients each year and providing cardiovascular training to more than 100 physicians annually. The UOHI is also a leader in cardiovascular medical research, pioneering new treatments and practices for the prevention of heart conditions.


The UOHI approached Ebase in October 2011 after an extensive search for a software development toolset that included enterprise workflow and would allow them to cost-effectively automate their CardioPrevent® program for the Prevention and Wellness Center. Ebase were commissioned to deliver a software application using the platform, which allowed referral forms, patient questionnaires and risk factor profiles to be created, collected, generated, and administered.

The completed system was delivered March 2015 after a three month trial period.


The production system now processes approximately 120 patients quarterly, and is considered a major success.

The system was further extended in October 2014 with a module that introduced mobile phone compatibility to the system front-end. This meant that patient questionnaires could now be completed by a patient at any location and using any type of device.


The UOHI has since started using as the default platform for in-house apps, such as a recent clinical system to replace the old one used by the Prevention and Rehab Department.

Eric Zhang: “I have enjoyed the experience of dealing with Ebase Technology, including development consulting, software licensing and support. Even though it’s a relatively new platform for our team, the learning curve has been quite smooth. Our developers master it in a couple of weeks and immediately start delivering new application functionality. I would highly recommend it.”

Constance Vanderputt
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