Dartford Borough Council – CASE STUDY

Organisation: Dartford Borough Council
Status: Ebase Customer

A compelling need to reduce costs – but without reducing services – has been a feature of the Local Government landscape for several years now.

A key approach to solving this, called Channel Shift, is to allow Citizens to self-serve via the web, and to automatically integrate captured data directly into the back-office.


Mr X, job title: Verj.io allowed us to raise our front office and self-service functions to another level. We have now transformed over 80 citizen services that automatically handle over 150,000 transaction per annum.

Verj.io also allowed Dartford to build extensive integration with their back office systems, including, perhaps most significantly, the CRM provided by Capita.


Mr X, job title: It’s a credit to the Verj.io product that this type of rich system functionality has been developed in-house, with no dedicated development staff, and without the need for Ebase consultancy.

Mr X, job title: In addition to Citizen-facing services we have also developed a number internal applications. One of these enables our remote offices to access internal system data system over slow Internet connections. Another has allowed our CCTV monitoring system to massively reduce the amount of time back office processing that it needs to do.

Ebase’s support team are tremendous and the active forum provides us with very helpful input from the Verj.io community. Verj.io has allowed us to deliver a large part of our Channel Shift program quickly and with relatively little capital investment. However, this is an ongoing project with plenty more to do.

Constance Vanderputt
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