in a Box
The entire PaaS can be deployed to your servers with a single click.
Create your own In House cloud-based solutions with:

Unlimited number of customer applications

Powerful Design studio for low code web app, workflow and integration service development

Dynamic allocation of hardware resource guarantees app response times as run-time loads increase

Built-in support for Oracle, PostgresDB, MariaDB, Couch and Mongo

High speed development of Big Data and IoT solutions, mBaaS, IaaS and Low Code web apps using proven software

Customer portal for customer application management, configuration and reporting

Built-in FTP services

Unique IP addresses and domains for customer apps

Optional two-factor customer log-on

TLS encryption and certificate management

PCI-DSS certified

ISO27001 compliant

OAUTH and SAML support


Built-in support request and management system

Built-in credit card billing and automation

Developed on Docker, CEPH and HAPROXY to deliver unlimited scaling of applications, users, disk space and processing loads over 1,000’s of servers

Automatic orchestration adds new servers to the Cloud when needed

Deployable to data centre of choice, incuding AWS and Azure

Ready to use Cloud platform is less than 4 hours

Ready to start?