PaaS Overview is a cloud-based PaaS that combines Low Code application development, IaaS and BaaS and offers developers a powerful and cost effective way to meet the accelerating demand for all types of connected software solutions.

  • A powerful low code design studio complete with WYSIWYG UI design, workflow and integration services
  • Pluggable 3rd party widgets for rich UI/UX
  • A low cost autoscaling Cloud with guaranteed run-time performance and 1-click deployment
  • Ready-made connectors for fast API integration and iPaaS delivery
  • Push notifications for BaaS apps
  • Pluggable security and data services for any front-end app, including native phone apps
  • Autoscaling performance to meet any level of system processsing

Low Code Development

The design studio is a low code IDE that abstracts technical complexity and allows developers to concentrate on delivering business functionality.

  • WYSIWYG screen designer
  • Javascript end to end
  • Enterprise workflow process design
  • Powerful integration services
  • Easy publication of REST and SOAP web services with swagger support


Integration as a Service (IaaS)

Integration is at the heart of every successful Social, Mobile, Big Data, Cloud and the Internet of Things initiative. An IaaS platform must be fast to deploy and easy to use. It must be able to handle a variety of patterns, styles and endpoints, and and must connect to cloud and on-premise applications and data sources.

The IaaS eliminates the need to choose between multiple tools and teams for application, process and data integration, allowing you to instantly access and stream data, regardless of its location, size, and type.

  • Integrate any number and type of APIs
  • Handle multi-step machine to machine and human interactive business processes
  • Publish REST or SOAP interfaces
  • Automatically scale transaction throughput to any level



Backend as a Service (BaaS) BaaS provides a complete range of back-end services that can be easily plugged in to any front-end mobile or web application.

  • User registration and security
  • Push notifications
  • Data integration with other applications
  • Data integration with any data source
  • Workflow processing
  • Low code design studio for server application development
  • Autoscaling performance to any level of system throughput


Enterprise Visual Workflow includes a powerful workflow engine that allows complex business processes to be modelled and executed as a series of discrete processing steps. workflow is a core platform component that simplifies the delivery of data integration applications, micro services and service oriented architectures.

  • Human-interactive or system executed processing steps
  • Decision logic processor with deep data integration capabilities
  • Advanced features include sub-processes, escalations, dynamic routing, parallel path processing, and trigger nodes
  • Administration console with comprehensive process management facilities

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