Project Manager is a powerful PaaS that enables the rapid delivery of all types of connected web applications. The platform includes flexible integration and workflow engines, one-click Cloud deployment, and a WYSIWYG design studio that abstracts technical detail and allows developers to focus on delivering business solutions. enables the rapid creation of Low Code, Integration as a Service (IaaS) and Backend as a Service (BaaS) solutions. Use cases include mashups and prototypes, full blown line of business solutions, workflow and integration services, and the creation of commercial software products for Cloud SaaS or on-premise operation.

The External API allows web and mobile front-end developers to plug-in powerful back-end data integration and security services by simply adding a single line of Javascript to their app.

The Cloud is a scalable and low cost run-time platform that automatically takes care of production operations such as performance scaling, backup and 24*7 system support. developers simply create their solutions using the studio then deploy directly to the Cloud for run-time operation.

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